Pre-Design your Organic Garden Program

We are happy to announce this year we will be able to provide organic seedlings for Spring, Summer, and Fall plantings in our high tunnel green house. Our goal is to assist you in growing organic and provide you with fair market and affordable organic seedling.

Please email us as to the type and quantity of vegetables and herbs you are most interested in planting.

We hope you welcome and enjoy this opportunity to pre-design your gardens. Thank you!

Look to Summer planting during the last week of May, as the last chance of frost for our area is May 22nd.
Seedlings for Fall planting will be available on or about August 1st.

Those of you who will be planting a Summer garden should advise us of your selections as soon as possible.
Call us with your inquiries.

We recommend the benefits of companion and pest deterant planting. Below is a list of suggested variations.