Climate changes are affecting us all. The growing movement dedicated to bringing our planet back into health is well aware of it. You may be preparing a small vegetable and flower garden or a large farm owner with many acres of crops. In both cases you need products that maintain and enhance your soil and you’d like to do it naturally.

Harmony Organics is dedicated to bringing you the very best eco-friendly organic garden and farm supplies. Through our own experience we realized the need for such a resource in Blacksburg. The Sustainable Blacksburger’s and other green organizations have not had adequate access to these products.

For those of you that have been purchasing product from Seven Springs Farm in Floyd County, you will have access to the same products at our shop. Seven Springs has been providing these products for over twenty years with proven success therefore we are proud to say we are a "Certified Dealer" for the farm and are stocked with the farm’s most popular items. You can browse the catalog to make your selections, call us to see what’s in stock, make an appointment or drop by when you’re in the neighborhood. We should be open and quite possibly in the garden. Big smile. We hope to save you time, as well as fuel, and look forward to your visit.

We are almost always near our store as we live above it. You can look over our website to make your selections, call first to see what's in stock and make an appointment. We can help you make a custom order.

This marks our second full growing season that we are offering our "Pre-Design your Organic Garden Program." Please visit our Seedlings page for menu and ordering instructions.

PERFECT SOIL IS THE KEY... See our Soil testing page.

Happy Gardening! Freda and Marino