Square Foot Soil Recipe and Conversions

Getting started

Build your Square foot beds. We recommend raised beds, above ground.
•    The original square foot unit is 4x4 ft, 16 sq ft, which can supply one person with vegetables and salads. Many gardeners have found this square block unwieldy, and use 3x3 ft beds instead, which works well with good access all round. In our own garden we prefer the 2' width by whatever length we need. This allows for the easiest access and to be able to place row covers and their support rods at a more optimal height to encourage growth. We also allow two feet between the rows for wheel barrow access.
•    Use untreated wood such as; Oak, Cedar, Locust, or Hemlock.
•    Borate Treated lumber is an acceptable replacement for pressure treated lumber.
•    Fasten boards together using deck screws. Pre-drill to prevent wood from splitting.

Info on conversions -

22 qt bag is equal to .735 cu ft.
1/20th cu yd bag is 1.35 cu. ft. or about 40.39 qts.
40 lb bag of compost is equal to 1 cu. ft.

1 Cup = 16 Tablespoons = 8 Ounces

Calculate your soil requirements.
•    Multiply your width by length by depth to find your total cubic area. EX. 4' x 4' x 8” =  10.66 Cubic Feet.
•    Once you have calculated your total volume follow the Seven Springs Farm Cubic Foot Recipe Mix to find how much of each material you will need.

Make your Soil Mix

•    Thoroughly blend all materials from the Cubic Foot mix recipe below and any other amendments you desire
•    Add the soil to your Square Foot Beds

Plant, Water, Harvest & Enjoy!

Square Foot Gardening Recipe

To make one Cubic Foot of mix, combine the following elements: 

¼ Cubic Foot Course Vermiculite                    
¼ Cubic Foot of Coconut Coir (a sustainable alternative to peat moss)                   
½ Cubic Foot Organic Compost                        
3 Tablespoons Azomite Powder                         
1 Tablespoon Kelp Meal 
you can use half the amounts
of each kelp an azomite if you want.                             
¼ Cup Symphony Organic Chicken Manure 5-4-3 Fertilizer
½ Cup Black Castings (Worm-castings)

1 Cup = 16 Tablespoons = 8 Ounces

Square Foot Gardening References for more detailed info about SFG: journeytoforever.org/garden_sqft.html & squarefootgardening.com