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This statement is current as of 1/22/2007

Fertrell's mission is to provide the highest quality animal supplements to a broad array of customers including Conventional, All Natural and Certified Organic. As most of us know the Organic Standards are changing very quickly to restrict ingredients that were not previously restricted. Therefore to maintain acceptance for our customers who choose to be Certified organic, we have made some subtle changes to most of our mineral premixes. The primary changes were to replace standard grain by product with Certified Organic sources. They are not Certified by any organization, they have been made to be compliant with the National Organic Standards Federal Rule. As this Federal Rule continues to change Fertrell will continually strive to comply with the rules. The following premixes have been reformulated as Organic Acceptable Formulas:

* Dairy Nutri Balancer #1
* Dairy Nutri Balancer #2
* Dairy Nutri Balancer #3
* New York Base Mix
* Rumi Cult 40, Organic Formula
* Cattle Choice, 12-12
* Heifer Choice
* Grazier's Choice
* Swine Grower, without Lysine
* Poultry Nutri-Balancer, without Methionine
* Buffer Blend
* Nutri Sil
* Direct Feed Microbials
* Sheep Nutri Balancer
* Vitamine E- Selenium premix

Please specify when placing your order if you require products that are Certifiable