FARMTEK & GROWERS SUPPLY - A few examples of their myriad products

We are beginning 2014 as a newly authorized dealer for FarmTek, offering personalized service at no additional charge with access to their full line of products including greenhouses, high tunnels, irrigation systems, hydroponic supplies, and fodder systems. Since 1979 FarmTek has provided the highest quality products at the most competitive prices. Stop in to browse their catalog with us. We can help you with the details and let us be your purchase point.

Micro Fodder-Pro 2.0 Feed System - On Sale! Was $1,595.00! On Sale Now While Supplies Last!

The Fodder-Pro 2.0 Micro Feed System allows smaller operations to provide fresh, green feed to livestock every day.
• Yields up to 60 lbs. of fodder daily.
• Features four tiers of 6 ft. long channels. Each tier has four channels.
• Smaller system ideal for hobby operations.
• Overall dimensions: 56"W x 60"H x 76"L.
• System includes supply and drain manifold plumbing and one 3-3/8” x 8-7/8” seed spreader.
• Includes two 5-gallon Easy Soak Buckets with poly-net bag.

Sale Price: $1,349.00

Premium Round Style High Tunnel 14'W x 10'6"H x 24'L Film w/Zippered Doors

Ideal for vegetables, small fruit, cut flowers and more. A ClearSpan™ Premium High Tunnel will enhance your crop yield, quality and profitability up to 50%.
• Frames are manufactured from our USA-made, triple-galvanized structural steel tubing.
• Available with our 6 mil 4 year Clear Greenhouse Film.
• Our Sun Master® 6 mil 4 year Clear Greenhouse Film is made from strong copolymer resin, with tri-layer construction and UV additives. This film offers 92% light transmission and comes with a 4 year warranty.
• Triple-zippered end panels feature our heavy-duty, industrial-strength #15 Big Zip Zippers and come complete with fabric clips for attaching.
• Four-sided ventilation is easy. Roll-Up Sides feature our exclusive "Twist-of-the-Wrist" Roll-Up Assembly.
• Rafter spacing: 4'.
• Heavy-duty ground posts are included.
• We recommend using a baseboard. Our Recycled Plastic Lumber, sold separately, comes with a 50 year warranty and is ideal.

Please Note: This unit has Film Covering and Triple Zippered Doors.

Price: $1,895.00 plus shipping and handling, estimate $350-400.

Heavy-Duty Ground Cover 6' x 100' - On Sale! Was $101.31! On Sale Now While Supplies Last!

Suppress weed growth while allowing air, water and nutrients to pass through to the plants. Excellent for short and long-term landscapes, annual or container gardens. Keeps weeds under control saving you both time and money.
• Premium, landscape-quality, black 4.1 oz., 30 mil woven, needle-punched fabric is manufactured from UV-resistant polypropylene. This durable, commercial-grade cover is the choice of most landscapers.
• Marked every 12" for easy plant alignment, measuring and cutting.
• Safely eliminate weeds while enhancing plant growth.
• Conserve soil moisture and promote healthy plant growth by eliminating competing weeds.
• Allows for the proper balance of air, water and nutrient exchange.
• Ground cover performs four significant functions: weed restriction, soil separation, reinforcement and filtration.
• Ideal for all residential and commercial applications.
• Easy installation. Conforms to the ground or trench surface and does not unravel when cut.
• Sold by the full roll only.
• Secure with our Biodegradable Fabric Stakes or our Fabric Securing Staples, both sold separately.

Sale Price - $91.18 Each

Seedling Heat Mats

Our Seedling Heat Mats make everyone a better gardener! These beneficial heated mats warm the rooting area to improve germination and rooting. The result is faster germination and higher success rates which means that plants are ready to transplant sooner.

• Want faster, healthier, fuller seed germination? The secrets in the mat!
• Waterproof, electric mat warms the root area 10-20° over ambient temperature.
• Three sizes, to fit under one, two or four seed flats.
• Complete instructions as well as helpful planting and lighting information are imprinted on the mat.
• Includes instructions and 6-foot power cord.

Benefits of D.E.: • Regular bowel movements • Healthier Colon • Sore joints feeling better • Healthier skin, hair, nails, teeth and gums

Seedling Heat Mat - 9"W x 19.50"L Price = $37.95 Each
Seedling Heat Mat - 20"W x 20.75"L Price = $57.95 Each
Seedling Heat Mat - 48"W x 20.75"L Price = $94.95 Each

Quartz Infrared Spot Heaters

Ideal for work stations, lobby entrances and indoor plants.

• Features a new design with weather-tight electrical enclosure that is covered by an extended heater housing.
• Indoor/Outdoor Rated.
• 60° symmetrical heat pattern.
• Bright aluminum reflector and end caps.
• 6'L, 3-wire (14/3) cord set with plug that can be removed for direct-wire installation
• Quartz tube included.
• Single phase.
• Mounting clearance: 3" from ceiling, 12" from vertical surface, 24" from combustible materials.
• Two 2' mounting chains and four S-hooks included for chain mounting. When suspended by one hole on each end the heater will hang at a 45° angle.

Quartz Infrared Spot Heater - 120V - Price - $269.00 Each
Quartz Infrared Spot Heater - 240V - Price - $309.00 Each